Dr Walid EL ABED

Walid el Abed received his PhD in Linguistics and Computer Science from Franche‑Comté University, Besancon, France. His research was fundamentally oriented on the proposition of a new model called the Semantic Meta Model (SMM) (Meta Modèle Sémantique - MMS). The SMM is the heart for a new system generation “NIXUS” (Natural Intelligence eXpanded Universal System”. In the “NIXUS” universe, the static “attribute-value” couple from Harris is depolarized and the “Value” lifecycle becomes independent from the “Attribute” lifecycle. The occurrences of a specific semantic network are dynamically obtained by the contextual polarization of its attributes and values responding to the semantic rules of the desired state to be realized for that context. Dr el Abed’s thesis is still considered as confidential and requires special access authorization. However, the SMM and the polarization technique have led to numerous applications. The first application was a data-processing kernel for the multilingual interrogation of databases in natural language. The SMM was also proposed as a method and a technique for Information Filtering. It has also been used to define a pivot model between the machine and the Semantics of Business Vocabulary and Business Rules (SBVR). Finally, the SMM resulted in the creation of a new science and discipline: Data Excellence.

While being a researcher at the Research Centre Lucien Tesnière specialized in Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing, Walid el Abed has extended his research in the field of Data Science and Data Excellence. This led him to found Global Data Excellence Ltd., which created the Data Excellence Management System (DEMS) enabling governing and maximizing the value of enterprise data.

Walid el Abed introduced the Data Excellence discipline as a philosophical, economical, political and organizational model at Franche-Comté University. He gave lectures in the discipline at the same university in the domain of Natural Language Processing for Master and PhD students. He gave lectures in other courses, which include amongst others software engineering, databases, and the Semantic Metamodel. Moreover, he intervenes as a lecturer in other universities such as the CNAM (Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers) and the Paris Dauphine University as well as the Fribourg University of Law in Switzerland. He also supervises several students in their theses, projects and internships.

Dr Walid el Abed is responsible of several international communities and administrations. He is an active member of the Research Centre Lucien Tesnière and also a member of the European experts in charge of the expertise of European projects in the domain of Information Management, Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence. He has co-founded several French and Swiss associations such as EXQI (Excellence, Quality, Information) and ARD (Amicale Romande de la Donnée).

PhD thesis: EL ABED W. (2001), Méta modèle sémantique et noyau informatique pour l'interrogation multilingue des bases de données en langue naturelle (théorie et application), mention très honorable avec félicitations du jury, PhD thesis under the direction of Sylviane Cardey, Centre de Recherche Lucien Tesnière, Université de Franche-Comté, Besançon. (Semantic Meta Model and data-processing kernel for the multilingual interrogation of databases in natural language (Theory and application).)

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